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Wrexham’s Hollywood Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Team Up With Michael B. Jordan to Acquire Stake in $900,000,000 Alpine F1

Wrexham’s Hollywood Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Team Up With Michael B. Jordan to Acquire Stake in $900,000,000 Alpine F1

A friendship started brewing between Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney over an Instagram direct message. It resulted in the duo deciding to invest in a soccer club. In November 2020, they started the process of buying Wrexham AFC.

With the support of 98.6% members of previous owners, Wrexham Supporter’s Trust, Reynolds, and McElhenney completed a $2.5 million takeover on February 9, 2021. Now the duo is set to embark on another new adventure. This time, in a new sport: Formula 1. 

From Wrexham owners to F1


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Hollywood actors are joining the investor group ready to purchase 24% equity stakes in the F1 team Alpine Racing. The investing group comprises Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners, and Maximum Effort Investment. They will buy the 24% stake by investing $218 million. Apart from the Wrexham owners, AFC Bournemouth part-owner and Hollywood superstar Michael B. Jordan is also part of the deal. 

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will be part of an investor group taking a 24% equity stake in F1 team Alpine Racing.

Renault has announced Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments will take a 24% equity stake in Alpine Racing, investing €200m 🏎️

— RobRyanRed – Wrexham AFC Podcast (@RobRyanRed) June 26, 2023

Reynolds leads the Maximum Effort Investments. Rob McElhenney and Michael B. Jordan are co-investors in it. It will be a new avenue for Hollywood stars after investments in soccer. Reynolds recently tried to take over the NHL side Ottawa Senators. However, he opted out of the process with his investing partners.


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Renault, the parent company of Alpine Racing SAS, recently announced the deal. All the investors have a background in soccer investment. Red Bird Capital has a controlling stake in the French club Toulouse and brought the AC Milan club last year. It is run by a Goldman Sachs banker who also has an investment in Fenway Sports Group, the owners of Liverpool FC. Alec Scheiner, co-founder and partner of Otro Capital, will join Alpine’s director board.

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Now, the Wrexham owners are investing in one of the most growing sports. It will be interesting to see whether the new investment affects the world’s third-oldest soccer club. Thus, it seems Wrexham’s Hollywood owners are in great company. The duo will take significant lessons from investors having immense experience. 

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to the aid of Alpine

Alpine, valued at $900 million after new investment, aims for new heights in F1. They want to challenge the F1 World championships. The team’s parent company Renault last won the F1 Constructor’s championship in 2005 and 2006. Currently, they sit fifth in the standings and finished fourth last year.


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Now with the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney investing in the team with the other investors, Alpine’s aim to challenge the titles in 100 races will get momentum. It remains to be seen how new investment helps the F1 team with a host of Hollywood celebrities to its aid.

Let us know your thoughts on Wrexham AFC owners’ new investment. Do you feel it will affect the Welsh soccer club?

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