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What makes Soccer so Popular among Canadian Gamblers?

What makes Soccer so Popular among Canadian Gamblers?

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By Jonathan Lewis | 23rd Oct 2023

Canadians interested in online betting know that the industry is booming the country because of the latest legislation. Nowadays, clients can find different kinds of websites that offer online casino products, sports betting services, and more. Speaking of sports, Canadians are famous for betting on a lot of things, including soccer.

Soccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in terms of popularity in this part of the world. Consequently, after you read the helpful information about Yukon Gold Canada, you will realize that even some of the online casinos will most likely add a sportsbook and allow people to wager on this sport.

Some users may find it strange that soccer is so popular, and it is on the verge of overshadowing basketball and other big sports when it comes down to wagering. So, here are a few reasons why soccer continues to be the number 1 option for so many people.

What makes soccer so popular among Canadian gamblers?

Bookmakers have more things for this sport than others

When discussing online bookmakers in Canada, an important thing to remember is that not all websites are the same. However, almost all top-tier companies offering their sites in Canada are also available elsewhere. Since they usually get licenses from Europe, they are accessible in almost all European countries and offer them the things that people want. Needless to say, soccer is the most popular sport in that part of the world, which explains why these sites focus on it.

Since not all sports betting companies have the opportunity to change their services for Canadian gamblers, a lot of them simply copy the things they offer in Europe. Consequently, bettors in Canada have the chance to use way more options for wagering on soccer than users in other countries.

When talking about more people, Canadians will have the opportunity to place a bet on any soccer competition worldwide. Aside from wagering on the domestic championships, people often choose the big tournaments in Europe, Africa, and even Asia.

The offers

Soccer is the world’s largest sport that has billions of fans from all parts of the globe. The transfer of some of the sport’s biggest stars to North America and Saudi Arabia increased the sport’s popularity even more, which is the reason why bookmakers that offer those things have special bonuses for football fans.

People who enjoy this sport will find a variety of options. Most people will be looking for free bets, but those perks are rare, so they may not be on the list of available options. However, what will be available are reload bonuses and cashback deals for those who wager on specific soccer teams.

Another popular soccer promotion that Canadian players can use is an Accumulator bonus. Some brands will also offer this deal to those who bet on ice hockey, but others will only reserve it for soccer, which means that people who want to use it need to bet on the sport.

A lot of soccer fans like wagering on multiple teams, which is why there are different types of ACCA proposals. The first group allows bettors to get better odds when they stake in multiple matches. However, some options will allow soccer betting fans to take more risks by giving them the chance to get a refund if they do not predict one selection.

Other reasons

Aside from everything mentioned so far about soccer in Canada, we also need to remember that the country exceeded peoples’ expectations at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. This definitely had a positive impact on soccer’s popularity and is one of the reasons why so many people like wagering on the sport.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer

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