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UEFA Europa League group stage standings, results, schedule, and fixtures for 2023/24

UEFA Europa League group stage standings, results, schedule, and fixtures for 2023/24

The 2023/24 Europa League group stage kicks off another eye-catching chapter in a major UEFA club tournament.

The competition will include some big names in the coming weeks with three Premier League sides represented in opening round.

Liverpool’s fifth place Premier League finish saw Jurgen Klopp’s side slip out of the Champions League reckoning, as Brighton & Hove Albion qualified for Europe for the first time in their history, and West Ham’s UEFA Europa Conference League title saw them elevated to the Europa League.

The Sporting News will be updating the 2023/24 Europa League tables and results live after each matchday with the group stages scheduled to be completed on December 14.

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Europa League tables, fixtures in 2023/24

Each group winner will qualify automatically for the Round of 16 knockout stage, with the eight second place teams facing a direct playoff against one the eight teams dropping down from the Champions League, to seal a knockout spot.

Teams will receive three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss. In cases where teams finish even on points, a list of predetermined group-stage tiebreakers that the Champions League also follows, will be used as per the official tournament rules which start with points, goal difference, and then goals scored in matches played between teams who are tied.

Group A table

1. West Ham9431074+3
2. SC Freiburg94310125+7
3. Olympiacos4413167-1
4. TSC14031413-9

Group A schedule and results

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21West Ham 3-1 TSC
Thu, Sept. 21Olympiacos 2-3 SC Freiburg
Thu, Oct. 5SC Freiburg 1-2 West Ham
Thu, Oct. 5TSC 2-2 Olympiacos
Thu, Oct. 26Olympiacos 2-1 West Ham
Thu, Oct. 26TSC 1-3 Freiburg
Thu, Nov. 9SC Freiburg 5-0 TSC
Thu, Nov. 9West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos
Thu, Nov. 30SC Freiburg vs. Olympiacos
Thu, Nov. 30TSC vs. West Ham
Thu, Dec. 14West Ham vs. SC Freiburg
Thu, Dec. 14Olympiacos vs. TSC

Group B table

1. Marseille54202106+4
2. Brighton4421185+3
3. AEK4412158-3
4. Ajax2402248-4

Group B schedule and results

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Ajax 3-3 Marseille
Thu, Sept. 21Brighton 2-3 AEK Athens
Thu, Oct. 5Marseille 2-2 Brighton
Thu, Oct. 5AEK Athens 1-1 Ajax
Thu, Oct. 26Marseille 3-1 AEK Athens
Thu, Oct. 26Brighton 2-0 Ajax
Thu, Nov. 9Ajax 0-2 Brighton
Thu, Nov. 9AEK Athens 0-2 Marseille
Thu, Nov. 30AEK Athens vs. Brighton
Thu, Nov. 30Marseille vs. Ajax
Thu, Dec. 14Ajax vs. AEK Athens
Thu, Dec. 14Brighton vs. Marseille

Group C table

1. Real Betis9431073+4
2. Rangers7421143+1
3. Sparta Prague4412156-1
4. Aris Limassol3413059-4

Group C schedule and results

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Sparta Prague 3-2 Aris Limassol
Thu, Sept. 21Rangers 1-0 Real Betis
Thu, Oct. 5Real Betis 2-1 Sparta Prague
Thu, Oct. 5Aris Limassol 2-1 Rangers
Thu, Oct. 26Sparta Prague 0-0 Rangers
Thu, Oct. 26Aris Limassol 0-1 Real Betis
Thu, Nov. 9Real Betis 4-1 Aris Limassol
Thu, Nov. 9Rangers 2-1 Sparta Prague
Thu, Nov. 30Sparta Prague vs. Real Betis
Thu, Nov. 30Rangers vs. Aris Limassol
Thu, Dec. 14Real Betis vs. Rangers
Thu, Dec. 14Aris Limassol vs. Sparta Prague

Group D table

1. Atalanta10430173+4
2. Sporting CP7421165+1
3. Sturm Graz4412145-1
4. Rakow Czestochowa1403126-4

Group D schedule and results

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Atalanta 2-0 Rakow Czestochowa
Thu, Sept. 21Sturm Graz 1-2 Sporting CP
Thu, Oct. 5Sporting CP 1-2 Atalanta
Thu, Oct. 5Rakow Czestochowa 0-1 Sturm Graz
Thu, Oct. 26Sturm Graz 2-2 Atalanta
Thu, Oct. 26Rakow Czestochowa 1-1 Sporting CP
Thu, Nov. 9Atalanta 1-0 Sturm Graz
Thu, Nov. 9Sporting CP 2-1 Rakow Czestochowa
Thu, Nov. 30Atalanta vs. Sporting CP
Thu, Nov. 30Sturm Graz vs. Rakow Czestochowa
Thu, Dec. 14Sporting CP vs. Sturm Graz
Thu, Dec. 14Rakow Czestochowa vs. Atalanta

Group E table

1. Liverpool94310125+7
2. Toulouse7421168-2
3. Union Saint-Gilloise4412137-4
4. LASK3413056-1

Group E schedule and results

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Union Saint-Gilloise 1-1 Toulouse
Thu, Sept. 21LASK 1-3 Liverpool
Thu, Oct. 5Liverpool 2-0 Union Saint-Gilloise
Thu, Oct. 5Toulouse 1-0 LASK
Thu, Oct. 26Union Saint-Gilloise 2-1 LASK
Thu, Oct. 26Liverpool 5-1 Toulouse
Thu, Nov. 9LASK 3-0 Union Saint-Gilloise
Thu, Nov. 9Toulouse 3-2 Liverpool
Thu, Nov. 30Liverpool vs. LASK
Thu, Nov. 30Toulouse vs. Union Saint-Gilloise
Thu, Dec. 14Union Saint-Gilloise vs. Liverpool
Thu, Dec. 14LASK vs. Toulouse

Group F table

1. Rennes9431083+5
2. Villarreal63210330
3. Panathinaikos4412145-1
4. Maccabi Haifa1302115-4

Group F schedule

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Rennes 3-0 Maccabi Haifa
Thu, Sept. 21Panathinaikos 2-0 Villarreal
Thu, Oct. 5Villarreal 1-0 Rennes
Thu, Oct. 5Maccabi Haifa 0-0 Panathinaikos
Thu, Oct. 26Villarreal PSP Maccabi Haifa
Thu, Oct. 26Panathinaikos 1-2 Rennes
Thu, Nov. 9Rennes 3-1 Panathinaikos
Thu, Nov. 9Maccabi Haifa 1-2 Villarreal
Thu, Nov. 30Maccabi Haifa vs. Rennes
Thu, Nov. 30Villarreal vs. Panathinaikos
Thu, Dec. 14Rennes vs. Villarreal
Thu, Dec. 14Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Haifa

Group G table

1. Slavia Prague94310102+8
2. Roma9431083+5
3. Servette4412138-5
4. Sheriff Tiraspol14031311-8

Group G schedule

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Servette 0-2 Slavia Prague
Thu, Sept. 21Sheriff Tiraspol 1-2 Roma
Thu, Oct. 5Roma 4-0 Servette
Thu, Oct. 5Slavia Prague 6-0 Sheriff Tiraspol
Thu, Oct. 26Roma 2-0 Slavia Prague
Thu, Oct. 26Sheriff Tiraspol 1-1 Servette
Thu, Nov. 9Servette 2-1 Sheriff Tiraspol
Thu, Nov. 9Slavia Prague 2-0 Roma
Thu, Nov. 30Servette vs. Roma
Thu, Nov. 30Sheriff Tiraspol vs. Slavia Prague
Thu, Dec. 14Roma vs. Sheriff Tiraspol
Thu, Dec. 14Slavia Prague vs. Servette

Group H table

1. Bayer Leverkusen124400122+10
2. Qarabag6422036-3
3. Molde6422095+4
4. BK Hacken04040213-11

Group H schedule

Date Match
Thu, Sept. 21Bayer Leverkusen 4-0 BK Hacken
Thu, Sept. 21Qarabag 1-0 Molde
Thu, Oct. 5Molde 1-2 Bayer Leverkusen
Thu, Oct. 5BK Hacken 0-1 Qarabag
Thu, Oct. 26Molde 5-1 BK Hacken
Thu, Oct. 26Bayer Leverkusen 5-1 Qarabag
Thu, Nov. 9Qarabag 0-1 Bayer Leverkusen
Thu, Nov. 9BK Hacken 1-3 Molde
Thu, Nov. 30Molde vs. Qarabag
Thu, Nov. 30BK Hacken vs. Bayer Leverkusen
Thu, Dec. 14Bayer Leverkusen vs. Molde
Thu, Dec. 14Qarabag vs. BK Hacken

How to watch Europa League around the world

 TV channelStreaming
AustraliaStan Sport
Hong KongbeIN SportsbeIN Sports Connect
IndiaSony TENSony LIV
MalaysiabeIN SportsbeIN Sports Connect
New ZealandbeIN Sports Connect
SingaporebeIN SportsbeIN Sports Connect
UKTNT SportsTNT Sports, Discovery+

UK: Matches are broadcast on TNT Sports and streamed on their site and app platforms plus additional options via discovery+.

USA: Matches are available to stream on Paramount+ (English) and Univision (Spanish) channels.

Canada: Every Europa League game streams live on DAZN.

Australia: Every match of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League streams on Stan Sport ad-free, live and on demand on Stan Sport.

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