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Surprising Top Performers of the Premier League 2023-24

Surprising Top Performers of the Premier League 2023-24

By Jonathan Lewis | 3rd Apr 2024

The Premier League features some of the most exciting games in soccer. Top contenders like Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United battle it every season to win the League Cup.

Certain players deliver world-class performances in these matches, and we will shed some light on them in this article. So, without further ado, here are the top performers of the Premier League this season.

Surprising Top Performers of the Premier League 2023/24

Erling Haaland

The Manchester City Norwegian has proved to be an exceptional athlete since transitioning from Belgian football to the Premier League. He scored 50 goals in his first 50 appearances and has only been riding that momentum wave since.

This season, he has scored 18 goals and has had five assists. What makes Haaland such a great player is that he knows where to be at the right time, making his goal-scoring almost automatic.

His size and athleticism also help the equation. We have yet to see if he will contribute to ensuring that City has the upper hand over Arsenal and Liverpool in the title race. Visit Betway to get in on the upcoming Manchester City Vs. Arsenal action.

Mohamed Salah

If you are in tune with the Premier League, you must know Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian King ranks as the best African player to play for Liverpool, with 154 goals since his debut.

He has found the back of the net 18 times this season with nine assists. While he may not be playing with his initial squad comprising Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, he has blended properly with youngsters like Cody Gakpo and Darwing Nunez. Salah may be precisely what Liverpool needs to raise the trophy high come the end of the season.

Phil Foden

Manchester United fans may quiver at the name Phil Foden after the last derby. The 23-year-old English player is currently at peak playing performance. His creativity, versatility, and accuracy have ensured he scored 11 goals this season with seven assists.

He is the second top goal scorer after Elring Haaland. In the latest Manchester derby that ended 3-1, he classically scored two goals, putting to rest anyone who wagered in United’s favor. You can visit soccer betway to bet on future games and see what Phil Foden is up to.

Combined with talented geniuses like Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland, who managed to score a goal in the derby, Foden has no stopping.

Bukayo Saka

Arsenal must be eternally grateful to have Bukayo Saka on their squad. The 22-year-old has proved crucial in Arsenal’s march toward title champions. After coming so close to winning it last season only to lose to Man City, they are bent on preventing history from repeating itself.

Bukayo Saka has scored 13 times this season and has completed seven assists. He has also proved himself a worthy competitor in the Champions League competition, which Arsenal is still pressing forward on.

Final Thoughts

Intense moments, deep rivalries, loyal fanbases, and amazing odds on betting platforms like Betway characterize the Premier League. Great players like Elring Haaland, Mohammed Salah, Rodri, and Bukayo Saka have displayed stellar performance in the battle for who will lift the trophy at the end of the season.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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