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Sunderland official announcement on Newcastle United – Halley’s Comet level moment

Sunderland official announcement on Newcastle United – Halley’s Comet level moment

The impending visit of Newcastle United has caused great excitement on Wearside.

A big Premier League club visiting a small lower league one, often having that effect.

Now Sunderland fans have been amazed at a Halley Comet’s level announcement from their club (see below) on Saturday.

The vast majority of Sunderland fans were outraged when their club announced increased ticket prices for this FA Cup third round match of £32 for adults and £14 for under 16s.

However, despite this, the draw of Newcastle United has meant that a very rare occurrence has happened, with Sunderland announcing that they have sold all the tickets for a match at the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland Fans

Newcastle United fans swiftly snapped up the 6,000 away tickets allocated and with segregation, that left around 40,000 tickets for Sunderland fans.

To give them credit, the north east minnows have seen their supporters buy all the tickets, a quite astonishing achievement for this small club on the Wear.

Always nice to see these smaller lower league clubs getting a big one-off cup financial bonanza. Hopefully they can now afford to employ somebody to pick up all the rubbish on the pitch, rather than allowing it to blow around the pitch.

Sunderland Fans Lets All Laugh At Newcastle


Sunderland Official Announcement – 30 December 2023:

‘Tickets for next weekend’s Wear-Tyne derby against Newcastle United at the Stadium of Light have now sold out.

The Lads host the Magpies in the third round of the Emirates FA Cup on Saturday 6 December, for a 12:45pm kick-off. The tie has also been selected for live broadcast on ITV.

The meeting will be the first Wear-Tyne derby clash in eight years.

A full capacity crowd will be there to back Michael Beale’s side as they look to book their place in the next round of the competition.

Thank you for your tremendous support – we can’t wait to see you all on Wearside next weekend!’

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