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Premier League record broken – Hats off to Newcastle United

Premier League record broken – Hats off to Newcastle United

Premier League history has been made.

Newcastle United playing the pivotal role in it happening.

The eight goals scored and conceded by NUFC at St James’ Park in the Newcastle v Luton match.

The highest number of goals previously scored in a Premier League round of 10 matches had stood at 44.

(This had happened twice, firstly in Matchweek 2 of the 2020/21 season and then in Matchweek 34 of last season. Ironically, Newcastle United didn’t contribute a single goal to either total. Matchweek 2 of the 2020/2021 season saw Brucey’s Newcastle lose 3-0 at home to Brighton, whilst matchweek 34 last season included the 2-0 home loss to Arsenal.)

However, that is now history.

The Premier League record is now 45 goals scored in a single round of 10 PL matches.

This weekend seeing the following results…

Saturday 3 February

Everton 2 v Spurs 2

Brighton 4 v Palace 1

Burnley 2 Fulham 2

Newcastle United 4 Luton 4

Sheff Utd 0 Villa 5

Sunday 4 February

Bournemouth 1 Forest 1

Chelsea 2 Wolves 4

Man U 3 West Ham 0

Arsenal 3 Liverpool 1

Monday 5 February

Brentford 1 Man City 3

Yes, when Phil Foden scored his hat-trick goal and made it 3-1 after having trailed 1-0, it was also the 45th goal of this Premier League weekend.

With Newcastle 4 Luton 4 the stand out match in more ways than one, the SJP game contributing more goals than anywhere else this weekend.


Whilst the Premier League suffers from so much hype, this season it is actually delivering for sure overall, if you base it on scoring goals.

We have now had a huge 729 goals scored in just 228 PL matches this season.

The current record for a 38 match Premier League campaign was set last season, with 1,084 goals scored.

If this season’s current rate of a shade over 3.19 goals per game were maintained through to the end of May 2024, approximately 1,215 goals would be scored.

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