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Man City expulsion: How the 23/24 Premier League table would look without the champions

Man City expulsion: How the 23/24 Premier League table would look without the champions

What if Manchester City’s 115 charges weren’t taking so long to sort through, and the prospect of expulsion had become a reality this season?

A lot of ‘ifs’ there, but its international week, so we took the champions’ results out of the Premier League table, which is bad news for Arsenal and Chelsea…

1) Liverpool – 62 points (+1 place)
One of the prices for kicking City out of the Premier League would be losing the bi-annual humdinger between Pep and Liverpool. Still, with Jurgen Klopp on his way, those classics might be a thing of the past anyway.

2) Arsenal – 61 points (-1)
No City, no top spot for Arsenal. Makes you think…

3) Aston Villa – 53 points (+1)
Without City, Villa fans would not have witnessed one of the great Premier League nights at Villa Park.

4) Tottenham – 51 points (+1)
And without City, we would not have been treated to that incredible 3-3 at the Etihad in December. Minds would never have been lost over a dreadful non-advantage either.

5) Manchester United – 47 points (+1)
No City, no worries for United about being humped twice a season in a derby. Fold them.

6) West Ham – 44 points (+1)
City teased West Ham by allowing them to take the lead at the London Stadium in September. Then natural order was restored after a word from the returning Pep.

7) Brighton – 42 points (+1)
City swerved a third consecutive Premier League defeat in October by beating Brighton. But they made bloody hard work of it.

8) Newcastle – 40 points (+2)
If City had ceased to exist as a Premier League club, Kevin De Bruyne wouldn’t have done this.

9) Wolves – 38 points (/)
One of the highlights of Wolves’ fine season was beating City at Molineux. Don’t take that away from them.

10) Fulham – 38 points (+2)
What else would we have had to talk about during the first week of September if City, with VAR as accomplices, hadn’t been around to rob the Cottagers.

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11) Chelsea – 37 points (/)
City and Chelsea gave us one of the best games of the season with meetings with Pep two of few highlights for Mauricio Pochettino this term.

12) Bournemouth – 35 points (+1)
The Cherries could certainly have done without going north for a six-goal pumping in November.

13) Crystal Palace – 26 points (-1)
Keeping City around would have been worth it just for Roy Hodgson laughing at Pep after Palace came from 2-0 down at the Etihad for a draw.

14) Brentford – 26 points (+1)
Erling Haaland’s crucial late winner at the Etihad against Brentford meant the City goal machine has now scored against every Premier League opponent he has faced. Job done for him, then.

Man City vs Brentford

Erling Haaland scores for Manchester City.

15) Everton – 25 points (+1)
City did to Everton exactly what they did to West Ham: tease them with a goal head-start, then put their foot down after half time for a 3-1 win.

16) Luton – 22 points (+1)
There’s a theme here… City trailed at half-time at Kenilworth Road; won by full-time.

17) Nottingham Forest – 21 points (+1)
Forest, feeling hard done by, will be watching City’s case very closely to see how justice is done.

18) Burnley – 17 points (+1)
Vincent Kompany would doubtless fight City’s corner but Burnley wouldn’t be sad to lose City since they’ve conceded half a dozen to them in their two Premier League meetings.

19) Sheffield United – 14 points (+1)
The Blades have made a better fist of facing City than many Premier League sides, losing 2-1 and 2-0. No points, but no humiliation either, which is almost a win.

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