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Liverpool suffer from ‘conspiracy’ to award Premier League to Man City

Liverpool suffer from ‘conspiracy’ to award Premier League to Man City

The first Liverpool v Manchester City Mailbox is dominated by that non-penalty decision and the disappearance of Haaland.

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Liverpool should have had a penalty
The ball was so high that Mac Allister didn’t even go with his foot to control it. Regardless of Doku’s touch, that is an absolutely awful decision. If that happened to anyone else’s side, they’d be screaming for it.
Stu, Southampton

…How it wasn’t a penalty for Liverpool in the 98th minute yesterday is actually beyond me and 100% a penalty. Doku has his eye on the ball for sure, but misses most of it and catches MacAllister in the chest. What bothers me most about this, is that it would be a foul outside of the box, but because its inside the box and a ‘pressure’ moment for the referee, plus it’s against City the champions, no penalty.

Even as a United fan I was fuming at that decision, but then again is it surprising that nothing was given? The English referees are genuinely clueless at times, bring in foreign referees so VAR and refereeing can actually improve. No wonder Klopp wants to retire given its biased as at times.

Onto the positives though, fantastic title race and the best one we have had for 5 years since the 2019 battle between City & Liverpool. This time it looks like three teams are in it for a shout though, f**k knows how it will finish but as a neutral I am absolutely loving it!
Rami, Dubai

READ: Jurgen Klopp v Sky: The full tetchy transcript on the Jeremy Doku non-penalty

Conspiracy alert!
Absolutely fascinating to see the reaction to the Jeremy Doku challenge on Macallister at the end of this match.

Last week, the BBC, Sky and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all, everyone absolutely lost their shit about a correctly awarded dropball to Liverpool (yes, really, it was – check the laws of the game) that came 2 minutes before Liverpool scored a winning goal. Outrage, disgrace, injustice,

The Doku incident? Despite planting his studs into Macallister’s chest nowhere near the ball, this was an open and shut case apparently, nothing to see here. Carragher, Keane and Micah said so, so that’s that. No doubt Dermot Gallagher will give them a reacharound on Ref Watch Monday morning for good measure.

Isn’t that just a bit weird? Not even a “you can see how Liverpool might feel a bit hard done by there”, nothing. But poor old Forest last week, you could swear they were all coming together to put a file together for the CPS.

In both cases, the truth probably lay somewhere in the middle, in that area of grey. But you wouldn’t think so by the respective reactions, would you?

Draw your own conclusions as to why that is.
Andy H, Swansea

…This is getting a bit silly now lads.

2 years ago Rodri handball goes unpunished in 95 min against Everton in the run in.

3 years before that Vinny K stays on the pitch after wiping Salah out on the halfway line when he’s through on goal at the Etihad and City win by a goal.

Now Doku gets away with a plain old straight forward peno in the last second of the game.

The first 2 instances City win the league by a point. If they do the same again this year I will…write a very annoyed email to the editor at F365 as there is literally nothing else I can do when City get massive title changing decisions going their way every bloody season.

It really takes the enjoyment out of football when your team can completely dominate the favourites but still be left with too much bitterness due to poor refs.

But just so you know City – you got comfortably outplayed by Liverpool’s B team. And I think De Bruyne can still be found inside Endo’s pocket.

Yours frustratingly
Patricio Del Toro

…Ooof what a game of football. That last hour from Liverpool was dominant. If only Diaz had his shooting boots on, Jota was fit or Salah was match sharp. Elliot at RM seems to work well but he doesn’t produce much as RF.

Gomez is our John O’Shea, our James Milner.

City’s goal was a clever one. It seems that jostling has evolved into full on American football style plays. It seems like an unofficial rulebook, as long as you are onside of course. I’m not quite sure where the cheating line is.

When Count Doku hit the inside of the post I thought here we go! The Football Gods are evening it up after the Liverpool one a few years back. But not to be.

It seems that refs can’t even run their own conspiracy properly. Surely if the conspiracy for Liverpool gives us a drop ball in our own area then it’ll give a penalty for someone being kicked in the chest in the area! Seriously, someone has to explain that decision to me.
Alex, South London

Where was Doku in Conclusions?
Reading the 16 conclusions, f365 clearly needs more traffic and engagement from LFC fans to drive up revenue. Why else would they conveniently leave out an obvious conclusion… the Doku Challenge that should have been a penalty and possibly a red card?

After Tottenham offside, Odin’s handball, now this? Ffs!!!

Haal or nothing?
Bold move from Guardiola to play Alf-Inge.

…Where is Haaland?

The best footballer ever born?

Oh wait that’s Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, R7 Messi R9, Moore, Muller, Beckenbaur,

What will the media do? Surely this doesn’t fit with all the narratives. With no service he’s actually just a blonde Andy Carroll.

I’d suggest speaking to Virgil Van Dikk, rumour has it that Haaland was found safe and well near west derby at the service station

Police report of a bubbling, confused, crying large man repeatedly saying “ I hate Roy Keane”

Enjoy City.

Thank you Pep and Jurgen
I have unclenched (everything) and taken a deep breath after, yet another, top class battle between two incredible teams.

The relief is massive. Always is when we get anything out of a City game. The fear of either being blown out the water or losing vital points to a rival is always coursing through the entire event.

But this time there’s a new sense of relief, that in some way not only the battle had ended but the war too.

Watching Klopp and Guardiola tear chunks off each other for all these years has been a pleasure and a privilege. Such has been the ferocity of their ambition that the entire standard of the league has shifted. The Overton window of football has moved and not by a small measure. They have inspired, I believe, many other managers in the league, not least of all Arteta who seems poised to usher in a new era of standard-defining football.

In short, I am grateful for what might now be taken for granted as the period when football changed. Grateful for having had skin in the game as a Liverpool fan.

I am putting in box all the caveats that fans have tended to apply to each team about perceived unfair or illegal advantages and even who came out on top (City, obvs. Even if TAA has give me a comfortable blanket of ‘moreness’ to cuddle with). Those things are in the detail. Step back a bit and all that’s left are the people. The managers and the players. Once assembled, regardless of how they came to be, they delivered a real majesty of a show for us. And as one of the two directors/producers takes the final curtain it has to be applauded, as a whole. Whoever comes next may continue to maintain the standard but it will be a new war in a new era. A new show. A new clenching.

Why Man City don’t deserve title
Man City don’t deserve to win the league after taking the lead and failing to win at Anfield with Liverpool having half their team out injured. I would bet had the Reds had virtually their strongest XI out and Pep’s (115) charges rocked up without Ederson, Walker, Akanji and Alvarez and half fit Haaland and KDB who didn’t have 90 minutes in them, then a fully-fit Liverpool would have wiped the floor with them.

One point between the top 3 though, blimey I’m all over that. What a run-in we’re going to have!
Jo (the draw blew all my bets so I must remember that the safest way to double my money is to fold it over and put it back in my pocket) Kent.

Give Ford a medal
Genius. It’s the only word.

Sheer balls out, palpable genius – net spend per major trophy.

Hat’s off to you sir, you properly made me chortle.

I’ll be writing to the Nobel committee on your behalf because there has to be some sort of award for an idea that wonderful.

Good work, Sir [it must be in the post mate] Will.
Hartley MCFC Somerset (I was gonna say ‘write to the King ‘ but something about those words doesn’t feel right?)

Why can’t England play like City?
Like Man City, all England’s best players are in midfield. So why not copy Pep ?

3 – 2 – 4 – 1

Walker, Stones and Shaw as the back three.

Bellingham as one of two deep lying mids. Rice steps back into central defence when necessary. Just as Stones does for City on occasion.

Now the fun bit.

Four attacking midfielders. Foden, Saka, Grealish and Maddison.

Don’t like Maddison ? Play Watkins up front and have Kane as the fourth attacking mid.

That’s got to be worth a try, surely ?
Tom E13 (and don’t call me Shirley)

Arsenal had it easier? You what?
Lee, I’m not sure if this will be published as right of reply only seems to extend to the OP but here goes anyway. The issue here is you’re treating your opinions of players as fact, when they don’t actually stand up to fact-based scrutiny.

To paraphrase, you say we can’t count Timber as a loss as he hasn’t played for the club. Jesus, a striker who rarely strikes, Zinchenko – the defensive linchpin ( lol ), Partey who we’ve all forgotten about and Tomiyasu ( who you’ll allow as he’s a starter when fit ).

Firstly, your opinion of the players’ capabilities isn’t really relevant to this discussion. What is relevant is whether or not they would play when fit.

If you look at the history of all 5 players 4 of the 5 have consistently started and played when fit. The only one who hasn’t is Tomiyasu ( who, interestingly, you let us have ) but he is the pretty well established 5th defender due to his ability across the back 4.

Now, Timber is admittedly a much smaller sample size, but he played the majority of pre season, started the charity shield and the first league game of the season, so in his short time with the club, he has started when fit.

Zinchenko may not be the defensive linchpin, but he regularly leads the team in touches & passes completed. In fact in his absence we’ve had to change the entire emphasis of the team with the RB inverting to allow our 4th LB to play a more stereotypically full back game. More pertinently to this discussion though, is that when Zinchrnko is fit he has played.

Jesus, the striker who rarely strikes, or whatever. Course he could score more. Of course we could have the chat about everything else he brings to the game. The closing down. The facilitation. All sorts. But again, it’s not really pertinent to this. What is pertinent is, when Jesus is fit ( or even approaching it ) he’s played.

Partey. Doesn’t matter apparently because Rice was bought to replace him anyway. Most people will have forgotten he played for us. I mean, again, I could talk about where Rice is playing v where Partey plays. I could probably bring Jorginho into the conversation and I could even talk about the tactical variation available if you had Rice & Partey fit, but again, it’s a different chat. What’s pertinent here is, historically when Partey has been able to walk, he’s been on the pitch.

So 4 players who have consistently started when fit and one who provides excellent cover across the back,missing for large chunks of the season.

You don’t get to disregard that because it doesn’t suit your opinion. It’s perfectly fine to acknowledge that your club is struggling with injuries without pretending they’re the only ones.

Again, the fact that Arsenal are coping with injuries doesn’t mean they don’t have any.

Finally, I do appreciate that injuries are now being seen as a valid reason for clubs to struggle. I’d imagine most supporters of my age will remember 15 – 20 years ago when the discourse was that injuries were just an excuse and actually Arsenal ( insert your own club here ) having 7 or 8 players out just meant they were soft. At least were now acknowledging the impact of injuries.

All the best.
Doug, AFC, Belfast

…It’s not that I necessarily disagree with Lee, it’s more that to agree with him would require me to leave this universe and travel to whatever distant dimension he battles within, doubtless having to change flights a couple of times on the way and then, once there, getting used to green skies and two mauve suns.

You cannot quantify an injury. That would be like trying to calculate an apple; there are simply too many non-conformative elements.

For example, Liverpool ‘s recent cup final victory was played with a youth-infused squad due to a number of injuries to experienced players. Would these more experienced players have been guaranteed a victory simply by virtue of being higher-rated? Obviously not; variables like nerves, mood, atmosphere, interactions with match officials – even the weather – would all affect the individual differently, thus making it possible that the more experienced Reds would have underperformed on the day, allowing Chelsea to steal the cup. We’ll never know.

Not ever, Lee, because time only ticks forward and complaining that things might/should/could have been different is just a big waste of it. At least, in this universe.

Stewie Griffin = Mailbox GOAT
I’ve been reading F365 since at least 2002 (amazing to grow up alongside this website – feeling pretty old as I write this) and it dawned on me that Stewie Griffin has had a chokehold on the collective psyche of his fellow Arsenal fans for at least half that period. Every few weeks we see Stewie write in and boil every other Gooner’s blood.

Wenger-esque in his longevity and impact, I’d say (but it would piss Stewie right off).
José, Brooklyn (brackets are the new quote marks are the new brackets).

That McGinn red
Whilst I await the inevitable “never a red” and “games gone soft” brigade, I’m going all in and saying it was 100% red. Honestly, that was disgusting. F**k Big John McGinn.
Jon (Werner top on order), Lincoln

…Idiotic from McGinn. That’s just not on. I’m sure people will find similar incidents that didn’t result in a red, but I think that misses the point. It’s basically a kick out. He’d actually provided a bit of a spark in the minutes before the sending off too. Not a great example from the captain there.

Emery has to take some of the responsibility for the result though. The players didn’t look comfortable with the change in formation. That said, the players were woefully off it. Poor control, errors leading to goals, and most worryingly – they looked knackered. Not all doom and gloom mind. Spurs’ game in hand won’t be easy and there’s plenty more points up for grabs. Put that one behind you and go again. It’s just the same as any other 3 points. Plenty of twists and turns to come I imagine.

Well played Spurs.
Gary AVFC, Oxford

Carried away much?
Will Ford is 100% correct, beating a decent Villa side away from home in the start of the run-in is absolutely more satisfying than That Night In Amsterdam, winning the Champions League semi final with THAT hat-trick from THAT pass from Dele, with Poch in THAT black shirt.
TGWolf(I’ve no problem with Fordy as the rest of the wrong ‘uns round here seem to but that’s some nonsense hyperbole)THFC

Poor Forest
If we don’t beat Luton at home we are going down and we will deserve it. This season has been horrible with constant whining about refs and decisions, Cooper being fired, Awoniyi being injured constantly, and a soon coming points deduction. Life is bleak.
Gary Marchant

Still Moyes out
The Grey One remains true to form and nothing will ever change while he is in charge. As Johnny Nic said…..

(btw, very well played Sir, so so glad to have you back with us. I don’t often/ever agree with your politics, or in its use by you in these pages, but I bought a wonderful book you wrote about 20 years ago, still read everything you produce and respect the heck out of you (the grandad shed curry still gives me goosebumps). Best wishes mate)

…. there has never been a wider disparity between the media’s image of a football figure and the fans’ view of that person. Even at its (latest) lowest ebb a couple of weeks ago there were certain figures in the media seemingly completely dumbfounded about why he is getting criticism. As I said about Dave T a few times recently, these people must surely not be watching the actual games or be aware of the caliber of players being put out and how they are deployed.

In the past 2 weeks we beat Brentford at home and Everton away. The Brentford game was laughably similar to every time he was publicly criticized last season after a terrible run of form. He plays some attacking football when the board are clearly unhappy, and sneaks a game. Then he reverts to form. I’m sure Toffee’s fans (whilst acknowledging that they are not very good at all) will wonder how they lost to us. 1-0 up with a penalty kick, they lose 3-1 with 2 late counter attack/stupid play by them goals

Fans know that our skill players saved Moyes’ bacon, and that nothing has changed, but the Grey One thinks it’s job done. So we come out against Burnley today with Moyes as usual setting up as if we are playing Barcelona (incidentally, we did it Burnley away as well which was an embarrassing robbery). 2-0 down at half time. 1 shot in 60 minutes. Burnley dominating possession. An embarrassment as usual. I cringe for all of the superb players we have recruited only to be sent out to play like this by this succubus. I read just now that after the game his response was to call “for more enthusiasm from the fans”. F&$@ YOU MOYES, GENUINELY F@&$ YOU MOYES, YOU CREEPY LITTLE MAN!!!!

Apologies for the outburst. I just can’t stand this dreary, grey, depressing, soul-destroying, fun-sapping, youth-player-killing, blame-shifting slimeball of a man being at my club.
Mike WHU (just as a reminder Spuds, despite all this, we are still zero years since our last trophy)

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