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Leagues Cup bracket, schedule, standings as MLS and Liga MX clubs go head to head for 2023 title

Leagues Cup bracket, schedule, standings as MLS and Liga MX clubs go head to head for 2023 title

The 2023 Leagues Cup for the first time features all 47 top-flight clubs from the United States, Canada, and Mexico doing battle in a month-long competition that will crown the best club between Major League Soccer (MLS) and Mexico’s Liga MX.

Both MLS and Liga MX are taking a break from regularly scheduled domestic action to focus on this competition, ensuring all eyes will be on Leagues Cup to see who reigns supreme across the top two North American leagues.

There is added interest in the competition this year for two reasons: It is the first edition of the Leagues Cup competition that will see all teams from the two leagues participate, and it’s also the first time that the winner is awarded a berth into next season’s CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Additionally, Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami has drawn global attention toward the tournament as the Argentine superstar attempts to win his first piece of silverware with his new club.

MORE: How to watch every Leagues Cup match on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV

How to watch Leagues Cup live stream, TV channel

Every Leagues Cup match will be available to stream around the world on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.

In addition, in the USA, select Leagues Cup matches will be televised by TUDN and Univision, which both stream on Fubo, available to new users on a free trial

Inter Miami’s matches in the Leagues Cup will be getting special treatment from Apple TV with an enhanced production including 18 cameras, a Steadicam, Skycam, and other cameras with super slow-motion capabilities.

2023 Leagues Cup standings

The competition begins with a group stage featuring 15 groups made up of three teams each. The top two teams advance from each group to the Round of 32.

Matches that end in a draw after 90 minutes head to a penalty shootout, with the winner of the shootout earning an extra point in the standings.

Group stage

How did they come up with these groups? The top 16 teams in each league from last season’s standings were seeded from top to bottom.

The top seed from each league (LAFC and Pachuca) was given a direct berth to the knockout rounds, while the remaining 15 seeds were paired up against the other league with higher-seeded teams facing the lowest-seeded teams on the opposite side.

For example, the MLS No. 2-seed (Philadelphia Union) were matched with the Liga MX No. 16-seed (Tijuana) to create one pairing. The third team for each group — mostly from MLS since there are 29 MLS clubs and 18 Liga MLS clubs — was selected based on geographical location, thus creating the concept of regional groups — East, South, Central, and West.

East 1 standings, schedule

1.Philadelphia Union62-0-0+6
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 228 p.m.Philadelphia Union 3-1 TijuanaChester, PAMLS Season Pass
July 267:30 p.m.Philadelphia Union 5-1 QueretaroChester, PAMLS Season Pass
July 307:30 p.m.Club Tijuana vs. QueretaroChester, PAMLS Season Pass

East 2 standings, schedule

1.D.C. United31-0-0+1
2.CF Montreal20-1-0-1
3.Pumas UNAM10-1-00
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 227:30 p.m.CF Montreal 2-2 Pumas UNAM
(Montreal 4-2 on pens)
Montreal, QBMLS Season Pass
July 267:30 p.m.CF Montreal 0-1 D.C. UnitedMontreal, QBMLS Season Pass
July 307:00 p.m.DC United vs Pumas UNAMWashington, DCMLS Season Pass

East 3 standings, schedule

3.Toronto FC00-0-1-5
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 237:00 p.m.NYCFC 0-1 AtlasNew York, NYMLS Season Pass
July 267:30 p.m.NYCFC 5-0 Toronto FCHarrison, NJMLS Season Pass
July 307:30 p.m.Toronto FC vs AtlasToronto, ONMLS Season Pass

East 4 standings, schedule

1.New England Rev.41-1-0+4
2.NY Red Bulls20-1-00
3.Atletico San Luis00-0-1-4
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 227:30 p.m.NY Red Bulls 0-0 New England
(NY Red Bulls 4-2 on pens)
Harrison, NJMLS Season Pass
July 267:30 p.m.New England 5-1 Atletico San LuisFoxborough, MAMLS Season Pass
July 307:30 p.m.NY Red Bulls vs Atletico San LuisHarrison, NJMLS Season Pass

South 1 standings, schedule

2.FC Juarez10-1-00
3.Austin FC00-0-1-2
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 2110:00 p.m.Austin FC 1-3 MazatlanAustin, TXMLS Season Pass
July 258:30 p.m.Mazatlan 1-1 Juarez
(Mazatlan 4-2 on pens)
Austin, TXMLS Season Pass
July 298:30 p.m.Austin FC vs JuarezAustin, TXMLS Season Pass

South 2 standings, schedule

1.Houston Dynamo30-2-00
2.Orlando City20-1-00
3.Santos Laguna10-1-00
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 217:30 p.m.Orlando City 1-1 Houston Dynamo
(Orlando City 5-4 on pens)
Orlando, FLMLS Season Pass
July 258:00 p.m.Houston Dynamo 2-2 Santos Laguna
(Houston 5-4 on pens)
Houston, TXMLS Season Pass
July 297:30 p.m.Orlando City vs Santos LagunaOrlando, FLMLS Season Pass

South 3 standings, schedule

1.Inter Miami-Q62-0-0+5
2.Cruz Azul00-0-1-1
3.Atlanta United00-0-1-4
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 218:00 p.m.Inter Miami 2-1 Cruz AzulFt. Lauderdale, FLMLS Season Pass
July 257:30 p.m.Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta UnitedFt. Lauderdale, FLMLS Season Pass
July 298:00 p.m.Atlanta United vs Cruz AzulAtlanta, GAMLS Season Pass

South 4 standings, schedule

1.FC Dallas-Q41-1-0+3
2.Charlotte FC20-1-00
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 218:30 p.m.FC Dallas 2-2 Charlotte FC
(Charlotte 4-1 on pens)
Frisco, TXMLS Season Pass
July 258:30 p.m.FC Dallas 3-0 NecaxaFrisco, TXMLS Season Pass
July 297:30 p.m.Charlotte FC vs NecaxaCharlotte, NCMLS Season Pass

Central 1 standings, schedule

1.Columbus Crew31-0-0+1
2.Club America00-0-00
3.St. Louis City00-0-1-1
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 237:30 p.m.Columbus Crew 2-1 St Louis CityColumbus, OHMLS Season Pass
July 2710:00 p.m.St. Louis City vs Club AmericaSt. Louis, MOMLS Season Pass
July 318:00 p.m.Columbus Crew vs Club AmericaColumbus, OHMLS Season Pass

Central 2 standings, schedule

1.Minnesota United31-0-0+4
2.Chicago Fire00-0-00
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 239:00 p.m.Minnesota United 4-0 PueblaSt. Paul, MNMLS Season Pass
July 278:30 p.m.Minnesota United vs Chicago FireSt. Paul, MNMLS Season Pass
July 318:30 p.m.Chicago Fire vs PueblaBridgeview, ILMLS Season Pass

Central 3 standings, schedule

1.FC Cincinnati20-1-00
2.Sporting KC10-1-00
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 237:30 p.m.FC Cincinnati 3-3 Sporting KC
(Cincinnati 4-2 on pens)
Cincinnati, OHMLS Season Pass
July 278:00 p.m.FC Cincinnati vs GuadalajaraCincinnati, OHMLS Season Pass
July 3110:00 p.m.Sporting KC vs GuadalajaraKansas City, MOMLS Season Pass

Central 4 standings, schedule

1.Nashville SC31-0-0+1
3.Colorado Rapids00-0-1-1
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 238:30 p.m.Nashville SC 2-1 Colorado RapidsNashville, TNMLS Season Pass
July 278:30 p.m.Nashville SC vs TolucaNashville, TNMLS Season Pass
July 319:30 p.m.Colorado Rapids vs TolucaCommerce City, COMLS Season Pass

West 1 standings, schedule

1.Portland Timbers31-0-0+2
2.Tigres UANL00-0-00
3.San Jose Earthquakes00-0-1-2
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 2210:00 p.m.Portland Timbers 2-0 SJ EarthquakesPortland, ORMLS Season Pass
July 2610:00 p.m.Portland Timbers vs Tigres UANLPortland, ORMLS Season Pass
July 3011:00 p.m.SJ Earthquakes vs Tigres UANLSan Jose, CAMLS Season Pass

West 2 standings, schedule

1.Real Salt Lake31-0-0+3
3.Seattle Sounders00-0-1-3
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 229:30 p.m.Real Salt Lake 3-0 Seattle SoundersSandy, UTMLS Season Pass
July 269:30 p.m.Real Salt Lake vs MonterreySandy, UTMLS Season Pass
July 309:00 p.m.Seattle Sounders vs MonterreySeattle, WAMLS Season Pass

West 3 standings, schedule

1.Club Leon20-1-00
2.Vancouver Whitecaps10-1-00
3.LA Galaxy00-0-00
DateTime (ET)MatchLocationTV/Streaming
July 2110:30 p.m.Vancouver Whitecaps 2-2 Club Leon
(Leon 16-15 on pens)
Vancouver, BCMLS Season Pass
July 2510:30 p.m.LA Galaxy vs Club LeonCarson, CAMLS Season Pass
July 2910:30 p.m.LA Galaxy vs Vancouver WhitecapsCarson, CAMLS Season Pass

2023 Leagues Cup bracket for knockout stage

Once the group stage is completed, the 30 teams that advance will join the two defending league champions (LAFC and Pachuca) to begin a bracket-style tournament, determining the ultimate winner.

The knockout stage is essentially crafted similar to the NCAA basketball tournament. 

All matches will be played in MLS stadiums. For knockout stage matches involving two MLS clubs, the host will be determined by group stage tiebreaker criteria (points, goal differential, goals scored, etc.)

Round of 32

1Aug. 2TBDLAFC vs. 2nd, South 1MLS Season Pass
2Aug. 2-4TBD1st, West 3 vs. 2nd, West 2MLS Season Pass
3Aug. 2-4TBD1st, West 1 vs. 2nd, West 3MLS Season Pass
4Aug. 2-4TBD1st, West 2 vs. 2nd, West 1MLS Season Pass
5Aug. 2-4TBD1st, Central 1 vs. 2nd, Central 2MLS Season Pass
6Aug. 2-4TBD1st, Central 4 vs. 2nd, Central 3MLS Season Pass
7Aug. 2-4TBD1st, Central 2 vs. 2nd, Central 1MLS Season Pass
8Aug. 2-4TBD1st, Central 3 vs. 2nd, Central 4MLS Season Pass
9Aug. 2-4TBDPhiladelphia vs. 2nd, East 2MLS Season Pass
10Aug. 2-4TBD1st, East 4 vs. 2nd, East 3MLS Season Pass
11Aug. 2-4TBD1st, East 2 vs. 2nd, East 1MLS Season Pass
12Aug. 2-4TBD1st, East 3 vs. 2nd, East 4MLS Season Pass
13Aug. 2-4TBDMazatlan vs. 2nd, South 4MLS Season Pass
14Aug. 2TBDInter Miami vs. 1st, South 2 MLS Season Pass
15Aug. 2-4TBD1st, South 4 vs. 2nd, South 3MLS Season Pass
16Aug. 2-4TBDPachuca vs. 2nd, South 2MLS Season Pass

Round of 16

1Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #1 vs. Winner, R32 #2MLS Season Pass
2Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #3 vs. Winner, R32 #4MLS Season Pass
3Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #5 vs. Winner, R32 #6MLS Season Pass
4Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #7 vs. Winner, R32 #8MLS Season Pass
5Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #9 vs. Winner, R32 #10MLS Season Pass
6Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #11 vs. Winner, R32 #12MLS Season Pass
7Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #13 vs. Winner, R32 #14MLS Season Pass
8Aug. 6-8TBDWinner, R32 #15 vs. Winner, R32 #16MLS Season Pass


1Fri/Sat, Aug. 11/12TBDWinner, R16 #1 vs. Winner, R16 #2MLS Season Pass
2Fri/Sat, Aug. 11/12TBDWinner, R16 #3 vs. Winner, R16 #4MLS Season Pass
3Fri/Sat, Aug. 11/12TBDWinner, R16 #5 vs. Winner, R16 #6MLS Season Pass
4Fri/Sat, Aug. 11/12TBDWinner, R16 #7 vs. Winner, R16 #8MLS Season Pass


1Tues, Aug. 15TBDWinner QF #1 vs. Winner QF #2MLS Season Pass
2Tues, Aug. 15TBDWinner QF #3 vs. Winner QF #4MLS Season Pass

Third Place match

Sat, Aug. 19TBDLoser SF #1 vs. Loser SF #2MLS Season Pass


Sat, Aug. 19TBDWinner SF #1 vs. Winner SF #2MLS Season Pass

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