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Juventus director speaks about financial gulf between Serie A and Premier League

Juventus director speaks about financial gulf between Serie A and Premier League

About three decades ago, Serie A was the go-to league for the world’s best players, attracting talents like Ronaldo de Lima and Pavel Nedved.

However, over the years, the landscape has shifted, and the English Premier League has emerged as the biggest competition in the world.

Clubs in England generate significant revenue, with even the last-placed team able to afford players that Serie A champions would struggle to sign.

There exists a substantial financial disparity between Serie A and the Premier League, as well as La Liga. Juventus director Francesco Calvo has addressed this issue.

Calvo said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“The last one in the Premier League collects 40% more than the first one in Serie A from TV rights. This is the real challenge and also the problem that we experience and see every day. We analyzed the data on TV rights revenues before and after the introduction of the Melandri Law: in 2009, Atletico Madrid collected 50 million while Juventus received 110 million because they went to sell the TV rights directly. 

“Today, however, Atletico Madrid collects 130 million and Juventus perhaps reaches 85. This is clearly a significant competitive disadvantage that we have compared to the three big Spanish teams or all the English teams.” 

Juve FC Says

There is a huge financial gap between both leagues, which makes it hard for us to compete in Europe. However, Inter Milan, AS Roma, and Fiorentina reached European finals last season, and we need to do better as a club.

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