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Fan Enters Lionel Messi’s Car as Antonela Roccuzzo Encounters ‘Uncomfortable’ Moment After Dinner Night With Sergio Busquets & His Wife

Fan Enters Lionel Messi’s Car as Antonela Roccuzzo Encounters ‘Uncomfortable’ Moment After Dinner Night With Sergio Busquets & His Wife

In the world of celebrity fandom, the pursuit of meeting one’s idols often transcends common boundaries. As a global soccer icon, Lionel Messi is no stranger to the passionate adoration of his fans. On the other hand, certain enthusiasts’ extremes can occasionally result in unanticipated and awkward circumstances. In a recent incident, the passion of a fan reached new heights as they managed to infiltrate Messi’s personal space, creating an uneasy moment for his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo. 

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This peculiar episode unfolded during a seemingly ordinary dinner night, shared with fellow Inter Miami teammate Sergio Busquets and his wife.

Fan manages to enter the car of Lionel Messi 


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No one is a stranger to Lionel Messi’s ever-growing fandom. Sadly, the downside to his immense popularity lies in the constant attentiveness of a sizable fan base that diligently monitors his every move and invades their personal space. Surprisingly, Messi and his wife, Roccuzzo, faced a similar kind of situation. The couple recently went on a dinner date alongside Sergio Busquets and his wife, Elena Galera. 

The two couples gathered for dinner at the exclusive sushi bar named Sexy Fish. As they exited, a crowd of followers had amassed at the door, creating an uncomfortable situation for the stars. In videos circulating on social media, numerous individuals approached the star striker’s car, eager to capture photos with intense flashes, attempting to get as close as possible.


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🚨Not the Oscars red carpet! just Lionel Messi who enjoyed dinner in Miami on Friday night with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and teammate Sergio Busquets, with his partner Elena Galera, at the luxury restaurant Sexy Fish pic.twitter.com/5lJHrTm3dV

— Claudio (@ClaudioFutbol) December 3, 2023

However, the situation took a distressing turn when one person not only approached the car but also entered the co-driver’s seat while Messi was seated in the driver’s seat. Swiftly, a companion intervened, removing the individual and allowing them to close the door and drive away. As per La100, this incident reportedly left Roccuzzo feeling disheartened.


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While Messi must also be sad about this encounter, the tribute from his home country certainly would have brought a smile to his face. 

A heartwarming gesture from Argentinian fans for Messi!

It seems Argentinian fans continue to celebrate their World Cup triumph even after a year. In tribute to Lionel Messi, a neighbourhood in Rafaela, Argentina, has decided to undergo a name change. Presently known as Barrio 42, this locality will soon bear the name of Messi himself. 


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This gesture stands as a clear acknowledgement of Messi’s extraordinary accomplishments and the profound impact he has had on his homeland. It’s a remarkable journey from facing criticism within his own country to now having an entire neighbourhood dedicated in his honour.

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