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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Price Tag Is Just A Number,’ Aakash Chopra On Kashvee Gautam’s Move To Gujarat Giants For Rs 2 Crore

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Price Tag Is Just A Number,’ Aakash Chopra On Kashvee Gautam’s Move To Gujarat Giants For Rs 2 Crore

EXCLUSIVE: 'Price Tag Is Just A Number,' Aakash Chopra On Kashvee Gautam's Move To Gujarat Giants For Rs 2 Crore Kashvee Gautam . (Image source: X)

India’s upcoming star Kashvee Gautam became the most expensive uncapped player in the Women’s Premier League history, as Gujarat Giants bought the fast bowler for a whopping price of Rs 2 Crore. Gautam broke Vrinda Dinesh’s record. The batter got Rs 1.3 Crore a few minutes before as she joined the UP Warriorz. It was an epic bidding war between teams as Gautam had put her base price at Rs 10 lakhs.

Now the focus shifts to the performance of the bowler. With such a heavy price tag upon her shoulders, Kashvee Gautam will either show that she is meant for more or she can get criticized just like every other player who struggles in the initial stages sometimes when playing the big leagues for the first time. All fans should remember when Ishan Kishan got sold for Rs 15.5 Crore during the IPL auction – he created a lot of buzz with that price tag that year and was heavily questioned when he struggled that season just because of the price he was bought by the Mumbai Indians.

When asked about the pressure of the price of Gautam, WPL expert of JioCinema Aakash Chopra replied, “I don’t think so eventually (pressure of price tag), this is the stage where dreams are made and very soon players realise that it is not about the money but rather going out there expressing themselves. I hope she does well. I know suddenly such a big amount in the hand of a young player can play with someone’s head but I think she will do brilliantly. Really happy for her and in my opinion the price tag is just a number. Generally, the price is slightly lesser than the talent which is there but that is the nature of this game.”

Giants raised the paddle first in the auction, but Royal Challengers Bangalore quickly raised the ante to Rs 15 lakhs. The Giants and RCB engaged in a series of calculated volleys that culminated in a bid that exceeded Rs 50 lakhs. When UP Warriorz entered the fight at Rs 75 lakhs, adding a new aspect to the proceedings, the tension increased. Giants, on the other hand, showed unflinching tenacity and successfully pushed the price far above Rs 1 crore.

Two big stories of the WPL 2024 auction:

 Kashvee Gautam sold for 2 crore after the base price was 10 Lakhs.

 Vrinda Dinesh sold for 1.3 crore after the base price was 10 Lakhs. pic.twitter.com/MycBkuRbdd
 Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) December 9, 2023

Not to be outdone, Warriorz countered with an offer of 1.1 Crore, but the Giants raised the paddle before of time, taking the price to 1.2 crore. The procedures continued to escalate, and the suspense increased as the Giants raised the bid to an astounding Rs 1.4 crore with a sardonic smirk.

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