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Brazil scored the most incredible goal of the Women’s World Cup so far

Brazil scored the most incredible goal of the Women’s World Cup so far

Soccer is a beautiful game. The spacing, the movements and the passing leading up to a goal can be some of the most exciting moments that a sports fan gets to see.

With the Women’s World Cup underway, we already have a contender for the best goal of the World Cup, coming from the Brazil side. In their 4-0 victory over Panama, the Brazil women put together a goal that is even more incredible when you get to see it.

Kerolin and Debinha played the back and forth game perfectly, and Debinha fired in a beauty of a pass on first touch that fell directly to Ary Borges (who ended with a hat trick), but she would backheel flick the ball to Bea Zanaretto, a beautiful display of the beautiful game.

Naturally, the reaction to the goal was also awesome, and an amazing display of how cool that goal was.

It’s just something about the team play here that leads to this goal that makes it so cool. The first touch passing between all four women, both backheels leading to the first pass by Debinha and then the finishing goal, and I think the commentary also captures the perfection of the goal really well…Brazilian football at its’ best.

After their 4-0 over Panama, they sit at the top of their group. They take on France on Jul. 29 and Jamaica on Aug. 2 to wrap up group play.

Regardless of the results of their next group games, this one goal will live as one of the best team goals of the Women’s World Cup

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