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Andoni Iraola speaks about Newcastle United challenge

Andoni Iraola speaks about Newcastle United challenge

Andoni Iraola has been talking ahead of Saturday.

Bournemouth up against Newcastle United.

The Cherries have won only one of 11 Premier League matches and were hammered 6-1 by Man City in their most recent one.

Andoni Iraola accentuating the positives, claiming the 6-1 was harsh on Bournemouth and pointing to the previous two matches. Bournemouth losing 2-1 at home to (a weakened) Liverpool in the Carabao Cup and before that, winning 2-1 at home against Burnley in the league.

Andoni Iraola speaks ahead of facing Newcastle United:

“We need points.

“The game will be special, especially for Eddie Howe.

“We will speak after the game.

“We are facing a very good team who are doing well and we expect their best 11 to start.

“They managed their minutes well during the midweek game.”

Andoni Iraola asked about Newcastle United missing at least 10 players for this match:

“I would give them all their injured players to take mine also, for me, that would be much better!

“They have a very good team, they played against Borussia Dortmund and they left Anthony Gordon and Miguel Almiron on the bench; they will probably start tomorrow.

“They also rested Callum Wilson, he only played 45.

“They have a very good team and they are doing really well.

“We expect the best Newcastle because it’s what we will have tomorrow.

“If we are thinking otherwise, we are starting in the wrong spot.”

Andoni Iraola asked how the Bournemouth players have responded to losing 6-1 at Man City last weekend:

“We have analysed the game in the same way we analyse the others.

“I think it was a harsh result on the team.

“To lose 6-1, they had eight shots on target and scored six, they were really very clinical.

“We were coming from two good games, the ones against Burnley and Liverpool, and we want to take this road and continue in the same way we played in those two games, especially here at home.

“We hope that the game in Manchester was a different kind of game.”

Andoni Iraola on midfielder Lewis Cook back available after serving a three match ban:

“It’s good we recover Lew because, especially in the middle, we are short of players.

“I think he can be a good addition and help for the team.”

Andoni Iraola asked about Alex Scott’s injury:

“It’s bad news for him and it’s bad news for everyone.

“He has a sprain and will be out for some weeks – it’s a grade two injury.

“He wasn’t so bad immediately after the game but he will be out for some weeks.

“He has been playing really well. He has made us a better team.

“We have to take away the good things – which are that we have a very good player and he will be available in a few weeks.

He has to focus on recovery and being the best player that he can be.”

Andoni Iraola asked about Tyler Adams, also missing through injury tomorrow:

“He and Scott were the signings of the summer.

“They play almost in the same position so it’s frustrating to not have them.

“We have to think long term – he is a very good player.”

Andoni Iraola asked about the Bournemouth fans:

“In the game against Burnley, when we were losing, they helped us a lot.

“Against Liverpool, the atmosphere was very nice, the weather was bad but the stadium was full. The atmosphere is great.”

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